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Allied Ceramics Art Institute

7425 Winding Way, Fair Oaks, CA 95628
916 966-2453

As a community non-profit organization, we are dedicated to inspiring the community by encouraging creativity through ceramic arts.


Sacramento Art Memberships


     ACAI’s goal is to create a self-sustaining Sacramento community art studio for everyone to use and enjoy. To reach our goal we offer several art memberships to support local Sacramento artists and students. Each art membership category allows each member to support ACAI's Sacramento services, programs, equipment, and facilities in different ways. You are the key to reaching our goal and encourage you to actively support your local Sacramento artistic community by purchasing one of the three art membership categories available or attending one of our exciting art classes.


Ceramics Studio Membership

     Our most popular art membership selection is the ceramics art studio membership. This membership allows you to have wide access to our Sacramento ceramic art studio and become actively involved in the art making process, meet other local artists, and support ceramic art classes for our community’s children. For more information on becoming a ceramic art studio member click HERE.


Art Gallery Membership

     For local artists we encourage you to take advantage of our art gallery membership opportunity. An art gallery membership allows you to display your material in our Sacramento gallery, meet other local artists, and engage with art collectors. For more information on becoming a Sacramento art gallery member please click HERE.


Supporting Sacramento Art Membership

     For those of you who aren’t ready for an art show or can’t take advantage of our ceramics art studio membership we have supporting art memberships available. We offer several membership levels within this category to enable you to support our local Sacramento art community regardless of your situation. To see which membership level best fits your needs please visit our supporting membership site HERE.


     As a community 501(c3) non-profit we use 100% of your ACAI Sacramento art membership fees to cover costs related to our space, facilities and equipment maintenance, ceramics supplies, utilities, and promoting ceramics in Sacramento. Sacramento deserves to have a top-level ceramics studio like the one ACAI provides and we thank you for helping us to meet our goal of growing our local artistic community.