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Allied Ceramics Art Institute

7425 Winding Way, Fair Oaks, CA 95628
916 966-2453

As a community non-profit organization, we are dedicated to inspiring the community by encouraging creativity through ceramic arts.


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Birthday Parties

We offer birthday parties with wet clay. Guests have an opportunity to make and decorate a wet clay project.

We provide materials, paints, glazing and firing. Parties can be for groups of 6 - 15.

Possible projects - and party times

  •     Masks
  •     Treasure Box
  •     Pinch Pot Animals
  •     Wall Hanging
  •     Platter, Bowl, Plate
  •     Story box
  •     Name plates or tiles

Or call us and talk with us about your idea. 966-2453


Pricing runs between $20 to $25 Per Child.

Children 5 & Up