Sacramento Ceramic Studio Memberships

Allied Ceramics Art Institute

7425 Winding Way, Fair Oaks, CA 95628
916 966-2453

As a community non-profit organization, we are dedicated to inspiring the community by encouraging creativity through ceramic arts.

Ceramic Studio Memberships


     Ceramic studio memberships are an excellent way to get involved with the Sacramento art community. Your membership to ACAI's Sacramento ceramics studio allows us to offer you various benefits and rewards while supporting ceramic arts in the community. With a ceramic studio membership you immediately become an integral part of the Sacramento artist community. Your ceramics studio membership gives you a place to work on your artistic vision at your own pace and on your own schedule. ACAI's ceramic studio members have various talents and skill levels offering a tremendous opportunity to both teach and learn from other members. One thing many artists desire is recognition of their talents and for their efforts. With a ceramics studio membership you become part of an artistic team that works to promote not only their own artwork, but yours as well.


     In addition to the benefits you receive from your ceramics studio membership ACAI offers its members numerous rewarding volunteer opportunities to help the Sacramento artistic community grow and be more successful. Ceramic studio members are able to volunteer for opportunities such as promoting ceramics to the Sacramento community, working the art gallery, assisting with building and equipment maintenance, supply organization, and many others.


Ceramics Studio Memberships include use of the following:

  • Gas, electric, & raku kilns
  • Electric potters wheels
  • Slab roller
  • Extruder
  • Wedging tables
  • Common work space, includes glazing room, two work areas, and a break room
  • Ceramic work in progress shelving space
  • Studio ceramic glazes
  • Discount clay prices
  • Internet access
  • Use of our ceramics library
  • Participation in gallery shows and events
  • 24 x 7 Access to the Sacramento ceramics studio*

* Due to the unsupervised access a ceramic studio membership allows members must be 18 years or older to sign up.


Ceramics studio membership dues are $95 per month.

NOTE: A ceramics studio membership is not required to take classes from ACAI.


Want to sign up for a monthly membership to the Sacramento area ceramic studio? 

Contact us at 916 966-2435 or by e-mail at


     As a community 501(c3) non-profit we use 100% of your ceramics studio membership dues to cover costs related to our space, facilities and equipment maintenance, ceramics supplies, utilities, and promoting ceramics in Sacramento. Sacramento deserves to have a top-level ceramics studio like the one ACAI provides and we thank you for becoming a member and helping us to meet our goal to grow our artistic community.


*Membership fees and charges are subject to change please contact ACAI for the latest rates.