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Allied Ceramics Art Institute

7425 Winding Way, Fair Oaks, CA 95628
916 966-2453

As a community non-profit organization, we are dedicated to inspiring the community by encouraging creativity through ceramic arts.

ACAI Sacramento Art Gallery Memberships


     ACAI Sacramento art gallery memberships are an excellent way for local artists to become more involved with the Sacramento art community. Your membership to ACAI's Sacramento art gallery allows us to offer you various benefits while supporting the arts in our community. With an art gallery membership you immediately become more involved with the Sacramento artist community by having the opportunity to show your work in two of our public gallery shows. As an additional benefit for being an art gallery member ACAI promotes your art gallery shows in several ways including adding them to event calendars, providing press releases to Sacramento area papers, and offering you a discount on promotional postcards to further market your show. With your art gallery membership you also have the opportunity to become even more involved with the Sacramento art community by attending classes and workshops at a discounted rate. ACAI's classes are a great way to meet likeminded people who also want to grow the Sacramento art community and invest in their own artistic interests.


ACAI Sacramento Art Gallery Membership Benefits:

  • Page on our website with links to your website
  • Opportunity to participate in two (2) ACAI art gallery group shows per year
  • Discounts on classes, workshops, and studio fees
  • Discount on promotional postcards for your 2 shows
  • Special invitations to you friends & family
  • Promotion of group shows on event calendars
  • Press release on group shows to local papers

Gallery memberships run $120 per year. (only $10 per month)

Note: ACAI charges a 30% commission on any art sales at the art gallery show.


Want to sign up for a yearly ACAI Sacramento art gallery membership? 

Contact us at 916 966-2435 or by e-mail at


     As a community 501(c3) non-profit we use 100% of your ACAI Sacramento art gallery membership dues and commission charges to cover costs related to gallery space, facilities and equipment maintenance, utilities, and promoting ceramics in Sacramento. Sacramento deserves to have a top-level art gallery like the one ACAI provides and we thank you for becoming a member and helping us to meet our goal to grow our artistic community.


*Membership fees and charges are subject to change please contact ACAI for the latest rates.