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Allied Ceramics Art Institute

7425 Winding Way, Fair Oaks, CA 95628
916 966-2453

As a community non-profit organization, we are dedicated to inspiring the community by encouraging creativity through ceramic arts.


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  • Donations made at on May 4th will be eligible for a boost from a pool of matching funds*
  • BIG Day of Giving is a part of a National Day of Giving called Give Local America
  • BIG Day of Giving is a collaboration of GiveLocalNow, and your local community foundations
  • Donate to us online at alliedceramics


* Please note that the pool of matching funds will be matched ona pro-rated basis, it is not a dollar-for-dollar match.

NOTE: Only donations made online at alliedceramics  on May 6 are eligible for matching funds


 WHAT is BIG Day of Giving?

    BIG Day of Giving is an online networking and giving event that provides nonprofit organizations the opportunity to gain exposure to and start relationships with new donors, and for people in the Sacramento region to come together to raise as much money as possible for participating arts organizations within a 24-hour period. The effort was organized and implemented by a collaboration led by GiveLocalNow in collaboration with your local community foundations: Sacramento Region Community Foundation, Placer Community Foundation and Yolo Community Foundation.


    The online event will take place from 12:00 AM PDT Tuesday, May 4 to 11:59 PM PDT. Additionally, a pool of matching funds have been made available.


 WHY is BIG Day of Giving a good opportunity for our community?

    The nonprofit sector is the heart and soul of the region, enriching our community in immeasurable ways. Our four county region includes many incredible organizations that are doing extraordinary things. The BIG Day of Giving is a unique opportunity for the public to learn about their work, how they are contributing to our community and their chance to say thank you by making a donation.


    BIG Day of Giving is a time-limited donation period designed to expand and increase giving to local nonprofits that provide vital services that help to sustain our community. Other metropolitan areas that have held similar events have risen well over $1,000,000 in a single day; BIG Day of Giving is our chance to do this for the Sacramento region!


 HOW does it work?


  • Any individual or business may donate
  • All donations must be made via debit or credit card through the BIG Day of Giving website. No gifts through checks, cash or stock will be accepted for this giving event.
  • All donations are tax deductible and irrevocable (donations will not be refunded) and will be for the unrestricted use of your chosen charity. Please note that BIG Day of Giving is a program of GiveLocalNow. Therefore, your credit card statement will read: GIVELOCALNOWSRCF9169217723
  • •Minimum gift: $25 Maximum gift: $10,000


 HOW much of the donation will go to the nonprofit?

    All donations will be distributed to the chosen charity net of credit card transaction and processing fees paid to vendors. The full transaction fee is estimated at 6.2%.


    Sacramento Region Community Foundation takes no fees and supports the BIG Day of Giving event as a community service at no additional charge.


 HOW is the match determined?

    The match will be provided on a pro-rated basis, for the total amount of donations made during the BIG Day of Giving. Credit card gifts will be eligible for the match pool to the value of actual donations prior to deduction of fees.


 WHAT does pro-rated mean?

    This means that the percentage of which donations will be matched will depend upon the total match pool and the total of donations raised during the event. If the match pool is $200,000 and the total of all eligible gifts raised during Giving Day is $1,000,000, then the pro-rated match will be $.20 on the dollar.


 CAN I make my donation over the phone?

    If you have a smart phone with a web browser that allows you to make a credit card donation online, then yes. Our website does not have text donation capabilities.


 IS there a fee charged for the online credit card gifts?

    The online gift processing and credit card fee will be 6.2%, which is standard for match day events nationwide. This fee, which is charged by the online payment vendor KIMBIA and credit card processing company Fairway Payments, will be deducted from each contribution. Sacramento Region Community Foundation does not collect any fees associated with contributions made through the website.


 WILL processing fees be matched?

    Matching funds will be calculated based on the amount of the credit card gift prior to the deduction of any fees.


 WHAT methods of payment are accepted?

    Credit card donations using Visa, MasterCard, and Discover will be accepted on the BIG Day of Giving website through alliedceramics. Only donations made through this website during the 24-hour challenge will qualify for the match pool.